OceanSheet's diverse team works together across 3 time zones and 4 countries. We have a strong collaborative culture that encourages innovation, participation and autonomy.

OceanSheet team collaboration


We're on a shared mission

If you want to help the world’s spreadsheet users manage their data and automate their work, we want to meet you!
Every employee is supported with opportunities to learn and develop as well as to share and implement their ideas.


Our exchange program enables team members from Brazil and Europe to swap places for 3 months and get to know their colleagues on the other side of the world.

Sports Challenge

As a software company, we spend a lot of time behind our screens, but our cross-company sports challenge helps motivate everyone to keep fit and stay active.

Town Hall

Working in a fast-paced environment, we keep everyone up to speed with a monthly town hall meeting, in which everyone participates and contributes.


This is our chance to step away from our daily work and come together to tackle new ideas and develop innovative solutions with colleagues from other departments.

Ideas Challenge

The best ideas pop up at unexpected times so we have an Ideas Challenge to encourage everyone to share their creative thoughts at any time, for any business area.

Collaborative Culture

The company has a non-hierarchical structure and we work on projects in squads, tackling different tasks effectively by drawing on a diverse range of expertise.

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