OceanSheet Workflows

Remove your team’s information silos with easy to use, no-code, automation. OceanSheet workflows lets you get more value from your data.

Build workflows

Automate the data collecting, manipulating, and sharing process. See your whole workflow, and share it with your teammates, all without a single line of code.

Refine data

OceanSheet workflows easily filters through data with Query functions, conditionals, even cell color.

Append values

Never lose historic values again. You can track changing data with the append feature, adding new values to your list and leaving previous data untouched.

Consolidate sheets

Consolidate all your data at once. Get the big picture without the big struggle. Keep everyone on the same page, automatically.

Automatic sync

Update your workflows whenever you want — daily, hourly, or create a custom update schedule. Data flows automatically so there’s no need to open each spreadsheet.
Lighter workloads

Save everyone’s time by eliminating repetitive tasks. Create automatically updated workflows and get back to doing real work.

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Track stock levels and automate communication across your entire supply chain.

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Automatically process financial information. Streamline all your accounting and reporting tasks.

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Track attendance and performance. Share information with teachers and administrators automatically.

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OceanSheet has allowed us to facilitate and optimize the collection of data from many suppliers spread across many Excel spreadsheets in a few files that bring it all together. A huge time saver!


CEO & Co-Founder of Inesevents

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