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Connect, Filter, Merge Sheets, Excel, CSV

Connect Google Sheets to Google Sheets

Link Google Sheets to move data between different files automatically.

Connect Excel to Google Sheets or CSV

Transfer, Convert and Export Excel to Google Sheets automatically.

Control data privacy with custom workflows

Share data without sharing your entire spreadsheet.


Export data to multiple other files

Send filtered data from a master sheet to up to 100 other Google Sheets files automatically.

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Import data from multiple files into one

Automatically merge Google Sheets, Excel or CSV files, pulling data into one master sheet for analysis, reporting and dashboards.

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Connect Google Sheets, Excel & CSV/TSV

Transfer data between CSV or TSV and Google Sheets automatically.

Upload CSV to Google Sheets automatically.

Send data from CSV to Excel online files.

Better business intelligence

Generate automated reports and dashboards.

Get accurate and traceable data.

Build a custom solution for any business process.

Append Google Sheets data

Create historical charts and record changes to your data over time.

Freeze values at specified intervals and append data in a log.

Append Excel to Google Sheets or append Google Sheets to Excel.

Track changes in Excel.

Track changes in Google Sheets by appending values at regular times.

Build a custom workflow today, and automate your Sheet files.

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